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Get it set-up right!

Is your TV or sound system still set at the default factory settings?

If so, then it is most likely that you are not getting the best out of your equipment.

With our TV and home cinema calibration service you can be sure your system delivers a picture and sound that is as close as possible to how the director intended.

  What is audio & video calibration?

Professional calibration is essentially “custom-tuning” your system to perform at its best in your home. Using specialist equipment, we carefully measure and adjust your picture and sound, taking into consideration connected components, room lighting, and other factors that affect performance.

Whatever type of surround system or high-definition TV you own, plasma, DLP, LCD, or projector, professional calibration will often make a visible and obvious improvement to your picture and sound.

Why do I need calibration?

Today’s new televisions are often pre-optimised for display in shops, rather than the much lower levels of light needed for home use.  Professional calibration is the one thing you can do to dramatically improve your TV’s picture quality.

  • Colour values will be more accurate
  • Skin tones will be more natural and life like
  • Shadow and highlight detail will be maximized, for a much fuller viewing experience
  • Can improve the energy efficiency of your TV and extend its life
  Audio excellence!

To gain the full benefit of Dolby Digital & DTS sound tracks, all home cinema surround systems should be correctly calibrated.

This ensures you get an even sound across the room maximising your listening experience!

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